The Trump sanctions on Iran are now in force. Finally, the Iran appeasement policy of the Obama administration has been reversed.

Trump’s Economic Pressure

This pressure may finally bring about the downfall of this horrendous, terror-supporting Islamic regime. That would be good for the Iranian people and good for the freedom loving world.

Iranians are now protesting out in the streets. They are protesting the horrible economic situation.  All indications are that it will only get worse. They are also protesting the fact that the Islamic regime spends money on supporting terrorists fighting Israel, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  That same money could be used instead to improve the Iranian economy. On top of that, they are angry about the huge waste of money on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

The Iranians are fed up with the Islamic regime.  They are fed up with the oppression of women and the regime’s support of terror.

Feeling the Pressure

Will President’s Trump pressure lead to the end of this regime? Well, the pressure is definitely being felt.

Trump’s Must See Iran Tweets


President Trump has offered to negotiate with no preconditions. The Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei rejected Trump’s offer of unconditional talks.  Khamenei said in a series of tweets that Iran will not negotiate with the current US administration.  The Iranian leader only agreed to talk if Trump apologizes and reimburses Iran for all the money it has lost since the 1950s. Suffice it to say, we don’t see President Trump agreeing to such a pre-condition.