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Trump’s Tweet of the Dog that Killed ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi was Strategic Brilliance


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Journalist Caroline Glick highlights why Trump’s tweet of the picture of the German Shepard dog that was used to kill ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was strategic brilliance.

Glick explains how President Trump is the first Western leader to truly understand that part of the battle against the sharia/jihadi Muslims is to embarrass them. It is not just a good thing to do, it is an essential aspect of the battle that they are waging against all non-Muslims, and hence a critical part of the strategy against them. The sharia/jihadi Islamic war against the West is a religious battle. Yet, Western leaders prefer to ignore this. Not President Trump.

The President understands that it is not enough to use the battlefield to defeat these sharia/jihadi Muslims, but strategic communications, social media, including strategic tweets, are essential as well.

It is not just the tweet of the dog, but the President’s comment that ‘Al-Baghdadi died like a dog’. To the sophisticated Westerner, it sounds stupid, but it is strategic brilliance and necessary in the battle against sharia/jihadi Islam.