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Unbelievable Frontline Tour of the Temple Mount


Michael Miller, Temple Mount Activist leads a frontline tour at the holiest spot in the world.

The Temple Mount is “Ground Zero.” “Ground Zero” for Israeli Sovereignty & Global Redemption.

The Temple Mount is considered the most hotly contested acreage in the world! This is the heart and soul of not only ancient Jerusalem – but the Jewish people. The Temple Mt. This is uncontested “ground zero” for Israeli Sovereignty and global redemption.

Liberated in 1967, the Temple Mount is under the management of the Jordanian Wakf, with external Israel security control. Although it is the holiest spot to Jews, most do not ascend due to Jewish law preventing the entrance into certain areas. Unfortunately, most Jews do not understand that these areas are very clear and instead opt to not going up at all. This has given the Arabs a strong foothold where they regularly taunt Jewish visitors.

While it has been a no-go for many Jewish groups, more and more Jews are ascending. This has irked the Muslims with many issuing threats and rioting from time to time.

Guides Michael Miller are on the frontlines of this epic struggle for the reclamation of the Temple Mount and the reeducation of then Jewish people.

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Gavriel Dan
Gavriel is an indigenous rights activist whose work has taken him to the hills and communities deep into Judea and Samaria. He has a keen understanding of social movements, peace agendas, and the geopolitical needs in connection to the future of Israel's development of its ancient homeland.