Many US public schools just hosted ‘World hijab day’ programs. Imagine the outrage if that would have been a program for Judaism or Christianity.

Imagine if a US Public School would celebrate world cross day or a world Kippa day (a Jewish head covering worn by men). There would be a public outcry. The US system is based on a separation of Church and State so no religion is promoted in Public Schools. However, when it comes to Islam, all of a sudden these programs are allowed because they promote “diversity”. No, no they don’t. The truth is that World Hijab Day is a program that promotes Islam, a religious culture that is out to dominate the world. Unfortunately, all those activists who would scream bloody murder if a public school would host a program for Christianity or Judaism, are now silent.

One Father’s Outrage

One father was particularly outraged when his school posted a picture of his daughter wearing a hijab. An absolute disgrace!

Crowder explains the hypocrisy best with how the left differentiates between all other religions and Islam