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Caroline Glick MUST SEE Analysis on Why Israel Has Not Ended the Hamas/Gaza Terror War


Here is the MUST SEE analysis on the Gaza situation by journalist Caroline Glick! She explains why Israel has yet to go on the offensive to protect the South. She explains in detail how Iran is really behind the terror offensive in Gaza, and explains to us what the Israeli cabinet Ministers are discussing right now in deciding how best to respond to the Gaza terror.

This interview took place back in November 2018 during the last massive rocket attack launched by Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. The analysis is still exactly relevant today!

The bottom line is that Iran is waging a war against Israel, and attacking Gaza won’t stop anything, because Hamas in Gaza is just an Iranian proxy. To stop the terror in Gaza, Israel must attack the Iranian proxy forces in Lebanon as well. That would entail a two-front war, where the damages on Israeli, and Israeli citizens, from the 150,000 rockets in Lebanon will be disastrous. Don’t miss watching Caroline Glick’s thorough analysis.

Nobody better explains the geo-political situation in the Middle East than Caroline Glick. All this information from November is still relevant today. The only additional information not taken into consideration is the Trump deal of the century. It can be that Israeli PM Netanyahu’s thinking now about potential action in Gaza is taking into consideration the Trump administrations deal of the century. It still does not change the analysis about Iran’s central role in the Gaza terror war, but it might have an impact on Netanyahu’s decision about timing for proper retaliation.