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The dream that has become a reality for millions in this generation.  For more than 100 generations, Jews have lived in the diaspora and could only dream of returning to the Land of Israel.

Dreams fulfilled

Today, it is no longer a dream.  A mere 100 years ago, less than 10% of World Jewry lived in the Land of Israel. Today, around 50% of world Jewry live in the Land of Israel. A nation has returned to its land. Still, every day, Jews around the world pray towards the center of the universe. But, today, millions of Jews pray IN the Land. Today, the Land has come back to life as it's children have returned to its soil. The Land has become fertile after being desolate for so long. But the prophecies of the Bible are now becoming a reality as young children and old people walk the streets of Jerusalem and the hills of Judea and Samaria are populated with hundreds of thousands of families.            

Thanks to Israel, watching the World Cup will never be the same

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The daring Israeli operation that saved over a hundred hostages in just 90 minutes...

The Israeli hostage rescue operation at Entebbe is the most unbelievable rescue operation ever that any country carried out. What Happened? 42 years ago, on July...

The fruits and vegetables you never knew were developed in Israel

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Katie Hopkins says Israel’s security wall “is the model that America needs”

English media personality Katie Hopkins visited the Israeli security barrier and reports that what she saw is exactly what America needs. Visiting Israel Katie Hopkins visited...

Sheikh gets schooled by a Jew on Arabic TV in ARABIC!

Professor Mordechai Kedar is amazing. He is an expert in Islam and the Middle East, and he is fluent in Arabic. Nobody nails it...

What the popular hashtag #FreePalestine actually means

Twitter is a popular way to spread ideas. Using hashtags grabs the attention of social media users and pulls them in - even when...

Iranian General Accuses Israel of stealing Iran’s clouds to Cause Drought

An Iranian general recently claimed that Israel was manipulating Iranian weather by stealing Iran's clouds to create a water shortage. The word "bizarre" does...

Endangered blue whale makes a rare visit to the waters of Eilat

The blue whale is fascinating. Because it's endangered, many have not seen it. But in Eilat, Israel, some were lucky enough to see the...

The REAL reason “Palestinian” Arabs don’t have their own state

If Israel just allowed the "palestinian" Arabs to have a state of their own there would be peace in the Middle East, right? WRONG....

The top 5 reasons to reject boycotting Israel

Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz explains quite succinctly why those who boycott Israel are immoral and why we must reject them. Placing Blame Quite simple, "boycotting Israel...

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