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Former Arab Terrorist: “Abbas Doesn’t Deserve A State”


Mohammed Arif Masad was once a notorious PA terrorist. Then he flipped and realized that it was his own government that worked to take away the rights of the “Palestinian” people.

What made him flip?

He realized that it was the gangs and thugs underneath Abbas that were actively working to suppress “Palestinian” freedoms and at the same time encourage them to attack Israelis.

After a stint in Israeli prison Mohammed has taken it upon himself to directly challenge the Abbas regime and reveal to the world its fascist policies not only agains the Jewish people but even more so again the “Palestinian” people.

Never holding back, he accuses those working to help Abbas win a state as traitors and accomplices to terror. In a most surprising turn he claims rightwing Israelis are the most truthful and are working far more the betterment of the “Palestinian” Arab population than anyone.