People often coin marijuana as the “magical cure” for many diseases. Israel is on the cutting edge of research to harness the medical magic of marijuana.


Some people swear that it is a “magical cure”. Doctors find that in many cases, it does magically cure some diseases and chronic pains. Yet, there are many cases where it does nothing and sometimes even makes a patient’s situation worse.

However, since there are some cases where medical marijuana magically cures sick patients, it became clear that there is a need to properly research marijuana.

Today there is no proper distinction between different types of marijuana that doctors prescribe. Marijuana has hundreds of different components. If doctors can properly identify which types of marijuana components are best to treat each different disease, that would change everything.

Marijuana prescriptions would be precise and not random.

With the proper research, doctors could harness the “magical” components of marijuana into a more effective drug.


As with other areas in the medical field, Israel is on the cutting edge of this medical research as well.  This is typical of the State of Israel.

After the proper research is done, it is possible that medical marijuana will radically change the lives of people with Alzheimers, Parkinson, and Crohns disease.