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Linda Sarsour Proves Why She Is An Antisemite


Lind Sarsour keeps on showing why she is an antisemite. She has consistently warned against “humanizing Israelis” and has claimed Zionism is creepy.

Linda Sarsour being an antisemite is nothing new. The question really is for Bernie Sanders. Why does he have Linda Sarsour attached to his campaign? In fact, Bernie Sanders seems to enjoy working with radical antisemites a whole lot.

Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib have all gone all in for Bernie. Why?

Bernie Sanders maybe be Jewish, but his practicing religion is Democratic Socialism and these women seem him as its philosophical standard barer. In a sense, Bernie is father of new type of movement – social justice mixed with a reshaping of how the American economy should run.

This new communist lite movement is attractive to those activists like AOC that believe that the entire system needs a complete reboot.

Will Bernie wisen up? Don’t count it.

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Gavriel Dan
Gavriel is an indigenous rights activist whose work has taken him to the hills and communities deep into Judea and Samaria. He has a keen understanding of social movements, peace agendas, and the geopolitical needs in connection to the future of Israel's development of its ancient homeland.